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    Life is constantly SHIFTING... and we need to be willing to SHIFT ourselves, our bodies and our minds, if we are to stay in ALIGNMENT with our true nature.
    Does the person you present in the world ALIGN with the person you want to be?
    What if you could get out of your own way, and embrace the best version of your self?

    Shift to Align - 3 Days. 6 Workshops. A Retreat like no other.

    This is not therapy, nor is it bootcamp.
    This is your own journey - setting out to uncover and live your true nature - personally, professionally, creatively...
    The goals of this retreat are to:
    • align your intentions with your practices
    • align your actions with your values
    • align your work with your passion
    • align your external and internal life
    • align what you do with how you do it
    • align who you are with what you do
    The weekend will consist of a series of 6 sessions workshops each paired with a vinyasa yoga practice to physically compliment the mental and emotional work. For example, a workshop exercise that explores your greatest obstacles may be paired with a heart opening physical yoga practice.
    By immersing ourselves in the practices of yoga, mindfulness, personal development and meditation, we will begin to find our own integrated flexibility: a light heart, a focused mind, and a strong body.
    The Shift to Align retreat will be taking place at the beautiful WON Dharma Center in
    Claverack, NY (about 2hrs. north of NYC) from
    Thursday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 5th, 2017.


    In leaving the retreat, I felt a new sense of relief. An understanding that life is not just about finding balance, but finding acceptance and my breath in between the moments of balance.

    Thank you for offering the opportunity escape to a beautiful facility, and to slowdown and focus on being present for ourselves for a weekend!




    I learned so much from the stories, teachings and meditations from Kelley, the top-notch yoga classes and dharma with Liz, and I really appreciated the super welcoming energy and organization from Amanda. Loved the healthy food and fun conversation at meals, sitting outdoors in the sunshine for the final session, and feeling the love of a great group of people and oneness!




    Yoga has given me a whole new life! I never thought that at 72 years old I would be feeling so good and confident in my body. This retreat was truly a wonderful experience all around. If I can do it, anyone can!