• About the retreat

    The core of every SHIFT TO ALIGN retreat is comprised of our six immersive sessions, spread over three days. Each session pairs yogic practice with personal development work, meshing together science and spirituality to create lasting change in participant’s lives. By combining physical movement and mental work, SHIFT TO ALIGNs unique program leads people towards a greater understanding of their body, a greater understanding of their mind, and, ultimately, a more fulfilling and authentic life.


    SHIFT TO ALIGN is an experience – it’s an opportunity for people to learn, process, expand out, focus in, and align, all in order to get closer to your truest self. Presented by SparkShift, a leader in executive leadership development and behavioral optimization, and run in partnership with expert yoga instructors, SHIFT TO ALIGN makes the unconscious conscious. We invite people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to join us.


    Our Goals:

    Align your intention with your practice

    Align your work with your passion

    Align who you are with what you do

    Align what you do with how you do it


    The SHIFT TO ALIGN Retreat is held at the WON Dharma Center in Claverack, New York. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space, beautiful views of the Catskills, and with delicious food and modern accommodations, SHIFT TO ALIGN strives to provide an experience that embodies luxurious simplicity – there is nothing in excess, and nothing lacking. Explore our location.



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