• Testimonials

    • “Leaving the retreat, I felt an understanding that life is not just about finding a balance but finding acceptance and my breath in between the moments of balance. Thank you for offering the opportunity escape to a beautiful facility, and the opportunity to slow down and focus on being present.” – Laurie, 35, Carmel, NY
    • "I came to the retreat as a frightened cancer survivor, unsure of my future, and paralyzed in some ways. After just a few days I feel empowered, energized, and excited to do the work that is moving forward with my life! The combination of yoga, meditation, and personal growth strategies was transformational. Kelley, Liz, and Amanda are an amazing team." - Rachel, 53, Chicago, IL
    • "As a person exploring retirement options, I found this retreat to be helpful in clarifying "sticking points" in my life.  I now have the tools to recognize the underlying causes of those "sticking points" and the means to address them.  I appreciated the pacing of the workshops, the integration of yoga and intellectual work, and the sensitivity of the retreat leaders. Thank you!" - Ellyn, 66, Cold Spring, NY
    • “I learned so much from the stories, teachings, and meditations from Kelley, the excellent yoga classes and dharma with Liz, and I really appreciated the super welcoming energy and organization from Amanda.  We all loved the healthy food and fun conversation at meals, sitting outdoors in the sunshine for the final session, and feeling the love of a great group of people and oneness!” – Cathy, 47, Westchester, NY
    • "I came in looking for peace and relaxation, and I left feeling stronger, calmer, and more connected than I ever have." - Stephanie, 39, Elmhurst, IL
    • “Yoga has given me a whole new life! I never though that in my 70's I would be feeling so good and confident in my body! This retreat was truly a wonderful experience all around.” – Edie, 72, Beacon, NY
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    November 2-5, 2017